March has been a lot of fun trying to find my style working with other photographers to bring out our own personal style in photography.

I have finally come to the conclusion that I love to produce images of pets showing some of their personalities


I first came up with Aging as our poor old cat Pous has been diagnosed with heart disease and now stage 3 renal failure so Pous is quite the gentleman and is a very sophisticated cat so I put a scarf around his neck to hide the bandage that he has to wear 24/7 for a tumor that has opened up and rested the little hat on top of his head. He just sat there and and looked straight at the camera for me to take his picture, he is such an adorable boy. I then went about creating the decayed room to depict how his old body is decaying around him but he is still in good spirits  and still thinks he can do anything including help groom my other cats. After finishing the aging photo I then wanted something a little less sad and came up with Sherlock Pous, I am still creating images of him and am going to also create images of my other pets to show their true personalities.

I have also recently finished super cat with Pous as the star once again which you can see in the Gallery area.


Check out the Gif that shows my process of making Sherlock Pous.